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SkyHive is an artificial intelligence technology that supports the rapid workforce reskilling efforts of Global 2000 companies and governments with ​the world's most advanced skills ontology.

Quantum Labour Analysis

A unique methodology invented by SkyHive, Quantum Labour Analysis is the application of artificial intelligence to analyze a workforce or labour market at its most granular level.

By capturing and streaming real-time labour market movements on a skill level, Quantum Labour Analysis revolutionizes how we acquire, develop and engage human capital through a wide range of SkyHive applications.

Why SkyHive?


On average, it takes 9 days to shortlist a qualified candidate for an open position, and as much as 80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decisions.

By matching jobs and applicants based on skills, SkyHive automates candidate sourcing and brings forward qualified talent in real-time, reducing average time-to-hire by 30%. By integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems and scanning job boards, SkyHive automates passive candidate sourcing and drastically expands the candidate pool.


On average, a company spends $1,300 on training per employee per year. Despite this, only 12% of the learners say that they apply the skills they've acquired to their work.

SkyHive's Training and Development solution identifies an employee's skills gap and matches them with ongoing, targeted training that corresponds to that skill set, enabling learners to rapidly fill skills gaps and resulting in 70% higher efficiency in aligning corporate training investment with future workforce requirements.


Today, 91% of enterprises use automation technologies. Yet, not only do 64% of executives claim that automation has failed to enhance productivity, it's causing companies to lose valuable talent at an accelerated rate.

SkyHive's Career Pathways tool allows employees to explore internal career opportunities, helps them identify hidden and adjacent skills, skills gaps to their desired roles, and targeted learning pathways and mentorships to bridge those gaps. By helping employees understand how they can progress within the company, SkyHive retains and repurposes valuable talent while boosting engagement and morale.


More than 54% of all workers will need reskilling or upskilling by 2022; Executives across the globe face an urgent need to forecast the changing requirements of the workforce to adjust quickly.

Leveraging real-time labour market intelligence, SkyHive's Workforce Planning solution helps companies understand the capabilities of their workforces, compare those to labour market benchmarks, assess future workforce requirements, and address gaps with “build, borrow, buy or bot” strategies; ensuring an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing business needs.

Enterprise Integrations

SkyHive integrates with HRIS, LMS, ATS and other HCM systems, complementing existing technologies and capitalizing on IT investments by unlocking new value from existing data never before achievable.

Futureproof Your Workforce with SkyHive's Reskilling Platform

Talent Acquisition

Find quality candidates

Passive Recruitment

Broaden talent funnel

Learning & Development

Close skills gaps, fast

Workforce Planning

Meet changing needs

Engagement & Retention

Internal career pathways

Succession Planning

Rapid redeployment of talent

Diversity & Inclusion

Eliminate systemic bias

Labour Market Intelligence

Align with industry standards

Digital Transformation

Achieve automation ROI
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