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The number one challenge facing C-suite executives is acquiring, engaging and retaining talent. SkyHive digitizes competency mapping and applies machine learning to drive efficiency into the acquisition, on-boarding and training of your workforce.

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Talent Acquisition

By breaking down jobs and candidates into skills, SkyHive not only pinpoints top candidates who match your precise hiring needs in a fraction of the time, it also exponentially broadens your talent funnel and helps you reach passive candidates with ease.

Skills based hiring substantially reduces an organization's cost to hire. Traditionally, the average cost to hire is $4129 per hire.1 Research shows that competency-based hiring results in a 70% reduction in cost to hire.2

Annual Cost of Hiring: $4,129  x  0 = $0
Annual Savings: 70% of annual hiring costs = $0

Annual Savings: $0


SkyHive's Onboarding Peer Mentorship tool allows employers to identify knowledge gaps instantaneously, drastically compressing time-to-productivity and giving every new hire a customized, personal, and engaging onboarding journey.

When looking at the effects of mentorship on overall turnover, research found that turnover was considerably lower for mentored employees when compared with turnover of non-mentored employees.3,4

Annual Cost of Turnover: 20%  x  0  x  0%  x  $0 = $0
Annual Savings: 64% of cost of turnover = $0

Annual Savings: $0

Training & Development

SkyHive's AI-powered adaptive learning management system complements workers' existing skills with targeted programs, leading to engaged employees, robust succession planning, superior use of employee development budgets, and allowing learners to fill skills gaps and make an immediate impact.

In an ever-changing workforce, one-size-fits-all training programs result in poorly allocated training and development budgets. One study showed only 12% of learners apply the skills from the training the receive to their job, suggesting that 88% of employees receive irrelevant training.6

Wasted Training Budget: 88%  x  0  x  0%  x  1,400 = $0
Annual Savings: 70% of wasted training budget = $0

Annual Savings: $0
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SkyHive Pricing

SkyHive's pricing is based on a per-head model, to ensure that you continue to have reliable, predictable costs as your company scales. The amounts saved also dwarfs the investment we ask of our clients, ensuring a fantastic rate of return on your investment in your human capital.

Monthly Cost: $2  x  0 employees = $0
Annual Cost: 12 months  x  $0 = $0

Total Estimated Cost: $0


Further Information & Sources

*Sources: SkyHive extracts the skills of an organization's human capital, and applies machine learning to find correlations that maximize the efficiency in the development and movement of its workforce, helping companies discover previously unknown skill sets and gaps, predict future workforce needs and build highly diverse, innovative and engaged teams.

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