with the world's first skills-based job matching platform.

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Why SkyHive?

Powered by machine learning,
SkyHive automatically extrapolates the skills you possess based on your experience, education, and hobbies,
bringing unparalleled efficiency and simplicity to the job search.

Reach More

Look beyond your conventional career path

Expand your career options exponentially by identifying the skills you possess, and let SkyHive find you top matches to your unique skills profile instantly.


Drastically simplify and compress the application process

No more hours spent on refining your resumes or cover letters. Your skills profile on SkyHive will be the only CV you will ever need.

Get Discovered

With SkyHive, you have all the power

Finding work is no longer a one-way-street. SkyHive gives you the option of letting employers proactively find you using specific skills combinations.

How Does SkyHive Work?

Ready to Discover Your Top Career Options?

Find out how your background, talent, and skills can be applied to the world of work, and access opportunities you never knew were available to you.