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Quantum Labour Analysis

Invented and Commercialized by SkyHive, Quantum Labour Analysis is the application of artificial intelligence to analyze a workforce or labour market at its most granular level - skills.

Why SkyHive?


More than 54% of all workers will need reskilling or upskilling by 2022; Executives across the globe face an urgent need to forecast the changing requirements of the workforce to adjust quickly.

Leveraging real-time labour market intelligence, SkyHive helps you understand the capabilities of your workforce, compare those against industry benchmarks, identify emerging and future skills, and address gaps with “build, borrow, buy or bot” strategies; ensuring an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing business needs.


Companies spent an average of $1,286 a year on training per employee, yet only 12% of learners report applying the skills they've acquired to their work.

SkyHive identifies the skill set a person needs to excel in their role and their skill gap, then connects them with training that corresponds to that gap. By aggregating training content from Learning Management Systems (LMS), online learning platforms, and off-platform sources, SkyHive complements existing technologies while unlocking new value from your training investments.


Today, 91% of enterprises use automation technologies. Yet, not only do 64% of executives claim that automation has failed to enhance productivity, it's causing companies to lose valuable talent at an accelerated rate.

SkyHive allows your employees to explore internal career opportunities based on skills matching and helps you rapidly transition talent through AI-driven skill proximity and reskilling pathway identification. By helping employees understand how they can progress within the company, SkyHive effectively redeploys and retains your valuable talent while driving employee engagement.


On average, it takes 9 days to shortlist a qualified candidate for an open position, and as much as 80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decisions.

By matching jobs and applicants based on skills, SkyHive automates candidate sourcing and brings forward qualified talent in real-time, reducing average time-to-hire by 30%. SkyHive’s powerful passive recruitment capabilities enable your organization to find qualified candidates outside of your talent funnels; rapidly filling critical positions and significantly expanding your candidate pool.

Enterprise Integrations

SkyHive integrates with HRIS, LMS, ATS and other HCM systems, complementing existing technologies and capitalizing on IT investments by unlocking new value from existing data never before achievable.

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