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Why SkyHive?

Powered by machine learning,
SkyHive applies a competency-based methodology to drastically compresses the candidate sourcing process,
so you can spend your valuable time on what you do best — finding the right fit.

Faster, Simpler, Smarter

Time-to-shortlist compressed by 91.6%

SkyHive's skills matching technology translates your hiring needs into precise skills, and delivers better matches in real-time.

Centralized and Diversified

The only talent base you'll need

Find top talent for all job types across various industries with SkyHive's one-stop shop.

Reach More with Less

Shortlist the right talent with one click

No more expensive, old-fashioned job boards. Reach both active and passive candidates at a fraction of the cost.

How SkyHive Works?

Our Pricing is Simple and Transparent

No hidden costs. No setup fees.


$9.99/month for 3 active job postings
14-day free trial


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