SkyHive Labour Market Intelligence

With the world's most accurate and up-to-date labour market data, SkyHive enables companies to proactively prepare for tomorrow's talent needs and guides governments' effective budgeting, programming, and policymaking.

Quantum Labour Analysis

A unique methodology invented by SkyHive, Quantum Labour Analysis is the application of artificial intelligence to analyze a workforce or labour market at its most granular level.

By capturing and streaming real-time labour market movements on a skill level, SkyHive provides never-before-available insights of labour market conditions today, and into the future.

Why SkyHive?


SkyHive's labour market intelligence is geo-located and time-stamped, which enables the most timely and accurate assessment of labour market conditions. It captures industry- and geo-specific labour market trends for both emerging and in-demand skills and delivers this rich data through an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. It provides a powerful, side-by-side comparison with an organization's existing workforce and allows for accurate forecasting of future requirements.

By providing unprecedented visibility and granularity into the industry baseline, SkyHive allows companies to uncover their competitive strengths and proactively addresses identified and potential gaps.


By continuously processing and streaming millions of data points from global labour markets into its skills engine, SkyHive detects signals and pinpoints key trends in emerging occupations, locations, the specific skill sets associated, as well as how job families and occupational categories are shifting as a result.

With accurate and timely labour market insights, companies can rapidly respond to sudden shifts in the labour market and macro-economic shocks. SkyHive's labour market intelligence provides an unparalleled ability to identify opportunities and risks before they are reflected in government and public data, ensuring an organization's strategic directions are data-driven and futureproof.


SkyHive scans and inventories the supply side of the labour market (workers) and helps companies locate qualified candidates in alternative locations, allowing them to quickly hire for hard-to-fill roles or roles with emerging skills requirements.

Additionally, SkyHive processes labour data using a skills-based approach instead of the traditional job-based method. When such skills data is used to assess and locate talent, it drastically expands the qualified population, unlocking alternative sources for talent supply.


SkyHive's enterprise platform rapidly identifies the existing workers' capabilities, where there is an oversupply of skills, and where there may be a skill shortage in the future. It then leverages labour market intelligence to help companies assess future workforce requirements, informs their “build, borrow, buy or bot” workforce strategies, and monitors progress to the future state in real-time; ultimately ensuring an agile and evolving workforce plan that adapts to the ever-changing labour market conditions.

In times of unprecedented change and disruption, find out why SkyHive provides the essential labour market intelligence you need.