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What is SkyHive?
Established in 2016 with the mission to combat unemployment and underemployment, SkyHive is the first platform to apply a skills-based, as opposed to job-based, match of work opportunities. Powered by machine learning, SkyHive brings unparalleled efficiency to the job and talent search, providing an incredible amount of simplicity while ensuring higher quality matches for both job seekers and employers.
The Future of Work
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches, helping people adapt to the fast-changing world of work will be a crucial task of our time. SkyHive addresses this challenge by recommending training in areas that directly improve an individual's skills profile, fostering upskilling and lifelong learning. SkyHive’s application of machine learning to competency-based hiring and training holds the promise of inspiring a more confident response to the future of work.

SkyHive for Job Seekers

Get matched with jobs tailored to your unique skill set in minutes. SkyHive expands your career options exponentially.

SkyHive for Employers

Automate and compress candidate sourcing with skills matching. Pinpoint the right talent in a heartbeat.

SkyHive for Enterprise

Customize recruitment with native integration, or conduct internal workforce planning & assessment across multiple locations.


SkyHive for Job Seekers

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Download fact sheet to learn more about SkyHive’s skills matching engine.

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