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SkyHive — ‘The Traffic Control System For the Workforce'

As a Portfolio Company of Singularity University and voted one of BC's top 50 tech startups by the #BCTECH Summit, SkyHive applies a competency-based methodology with machine learning and deep learning to drive unprecedented efficiency in strategic workforce planning and human capital movement.

With the mission of tackling global poverty and unemployment, SkyHive aims to utilize its exponential technologies to facilitate labour market transformation and foster a stronger, more prepared, and more confident workforce to welcome a brighter tomorrow.

Leadership Team

Sean Hinton

CEO, Co-Founder
As an experienced global business leader with an MBA from Queen's University, Sean possesses substantial expertise in skills development and is considered a thought leader on the future of work. With the mission of combating poverty and unemployment through the use of exponential technology, Sean strives to set a positive example for other entrepreneurs that a successful business can be built in a way that truly helps people.

Sergiy Osypchuk

CTO, Co-Founder
With 15 years of software development experience in both entrepreneurial and corporate settings, Sergiy has an exceptional level of technical expertise and is instrumental in bringing SkyHive's solutions to life. Sergiy holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Kyiv. Prior to joining SkyHive, Sergiy spent several years as a senior software engineer at Amazon, where he led large technology teams of up to 40 people.

SkyHive for Job Seekers

Expand your career options by identifying the skills you possess. Finds top job matches tailored to your unique skill set instantly.

SkyHive for Employers

SkyHive's skills matching technology translates your hiring needs into precise skills and delivers qualified matches in real-time.

SkyHive for Enterprise

SkyHive applies competency mapping with machine learning to drive unparalleled efficiencies in strategic workforce planning.


SkyHive for Job Seekers

SkyHive for Employers

SkyHive for Enterprise

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