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Our Mission is to deliver new ways to bring work, enterprise development and innovation to the Digital World.

SkyHive is an artificial intelligence technology that deepens our understanding of labour markets, workforces and skills, enabling new ways of acquiring, developing and engaging talent. It solves for the future of work and takes a revolutionary approach to apply deep learning to enhancing gender equality and inclusion while providing unprecedented insights into the current and future labour market.

Established in 2017 with the mission of tackling global poverty and unemployment, SkyHive aims to utilize its exponential technologies to facilitate labour market transformation, upskilling, and lifelong learning; ultimately fostering a stronger, more prepared, and more confident workforce to welcome a brighter tomorrow.

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Social Impact


Trusted by the most prominent names

SkyHive partners with the Department of National Defence to increase gender equality in the Canadian Forces.
SkyHive joins Unreasonable FUTURE, a collection of the world's most impactful high-growth ventures leveraging key technologies to build a future of inclusive work and social equity.
SkyHive is a Portfolio Company of the prestigious Singularity University, which holds the potential to help 1 billion people in next 10 years.
SkyHive joins a vibrant and collaborative community of entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, mentors, and Fortune 500 Corporations at Runway Innovation in San Francisco.
SkyHive collaborates with Willis College in an effort to foster employment and build career skills through targeted training and development.
SkyHive collaborates with key2enable on projects that deliver hope, inclusion, & equality. Key2Enable's technologies enable people with motor disabilities to use digital devices to their full extent.
SkyHive joined the B Corporation family of over 2,600 companies to set a positive example of using business as a force for good.

And many more:


We've done amazing things so far, here is a taste.

SkyHive attended the invitation-only EY Wave Makers event showcasing our technologies in front of Canada's top business leaders in Toronto.
SkyHive was twice chosen as one of BC's most investable startups to pitch at the #BCTECH Summit Investment Showcase.
SkyHive was the only startup from BC, Canada that's been chosen as one of the top 50 startups worldwide (out of thousands of applicants) as an Accelerate Startup at Startup Grind's Global Conference in Silicon Valley, where we showcased our technology in front of 200+ investors and 8,000 potential customers.
Following a rigorous vetting process, SkyHive was selected as one of the 30 startups worldwide to pitch at Plug and Play's prestigious Enterprise 2.0 Selection Day.
SkyHive was selected as one of the top startups for Collision Conference's BETA track, where we met with leading global investors and fellow entrepreneurs.

And many more:

Leadership Team

Sean Hinton

CEO, Co-Founder

Tako Young

Director, Marketing

Sergiy Osypchuk

CTO, Co-Founder

George Kourakos

Director, Government and Public Affairs

Sarah Harari

Director, People and Culture

Our People


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Sean Hinton: The Hero's Journey

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